My Commentary About Taking Gay Marriage To The Supreme Court

It's been a couple of weeks since I wrote that I may not be posting here very much. But as for the most part I now work on my blogs Monday through Friday only, this will allow me to do a posting here at ePluribus on the weekends when I something I would like to cover or bring to your attention a commentary at my blog FOCUS.

I'd also like to say as this is the first time I've been back here since I wrote my last posting, I like the new design very much and what a pleasure to be able to read as I write, another reason I had just about given up writing here with the old format.

When you wear tri-focals it's hard enough to read the monitor, let alone when the type is so small you have to stick your nose up against the screen to read it. In any case, enough of that.

As many of you know, Ted Olsen and David Boies have taken on the case of two gay/lesbian couples in regards to gay rights which may well end up before the United States Supreme Court.

What has and hasn't surprised myself and some in my blogging circle, is the wimping out of gay groups and organizations, plus many LGBT bloggers who say it is better to work with state legislatures or via the ballot box regarding gay marriage and that the Supreme Court is not ready to take on such a weighty decision which could permanently affect gay rights.

As you'll read in my commentary I pull no punches in regards to how I feel about this latest development which came right after the California ruling about Prop 8.

As always, I welcome comments at FOCUS, both pro and con.

I hope you'll read, GAY MARRIAGE ... LET'S PLAY HARDBALL !

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