News Flash -- A Glimpse of Current Top Headlines

Here's an early-evening sweep of some basic news items circulating the internets at this time, courtesy of a jaunt through Google News:

News from China about Stateside salmonella outbreaks:

Salmonella outbreak sickens at least nine in two US states -- Xinhuanet

Financial and Political news:

US Bank Failures Rise to 72 With Collapses in Florida, Oregon -- Bloomberg

US Cuts Less Jobs Than Forecast -- NY Times

Clinton and South African Discuss Somalia and Sudan -- NY Times

GOP's Martinez says he'll leave Senate early -- Boston Globe

Black Hole:

Particle Collider: Black Hole or Crucial Machine? -- ABC News

These are for the birds:

Of rooks and rocks: Birds live up to their fabled reputation -- LA Times


Clever rooks repeat ancient fable -- BBC News

On the Global Climate Change side,

Glacier melt accelerating, federal report concludes -- Los Angeles Times

And that's the news.

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