Is "No Labels" the new Faux Bipartisan Centrist?

Is it a Unity 08 all over again?

With names like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I), "Sens. Evan Bayh, D-Indiana; Kirsten Gillibrand, D-New York; Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia; Joe Lieberman, I-Connecticut; Reps. Mike Castle, R-Delaware and Bob Inglis, R-South Carolina; former Republican congressman Tom Davis and Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist" involved in this, how could this possibly go wrong?

If they were really trying to push non-partisan and non ideological solutions, No Labels might have considered adding one or two liberals, real liberals, in the mix. But they did not and it is just a cross section of various conservative ideologies, from the typical conservatives, to the corporate AstroTurfed conservatives and all the way to the lunatic neoconservatives. There is nothing really moderate in there from the likes of these kinds of politicians.

Which should make number one with a bullet (through the collective shared oxygen deprived brain) of our traditional media that has been complicit in bringing the exact kind of nation killing and toxic conservative policy failures these kind of faux biparisan and faux centrist politicians have us living in now and want to continue on into forever. Rome is burning and they want you to pay for it.

And expect a group like that to do to the label "No Labels", run it into the ground, in the same way they did to the labels "Bipartisan" and "Centrist".

And it is not like they should have anything to hide given this "great cause", right? But why would they hide who is paying for their roll out through a "Domain by Proxy, Inc." registration?

	Domain ID:D157816491-LROR
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And just remember that Bloomberg is not above paying for AstroTurfed camapign actions:

Here we go again: The 2010 midterm elections are barely a month old, but chatter's already surfacing about a possible Mike Bloomberg presidential bid, just as after the 2006 midterms. A week from Monday, we get the launch of a new "centrist" group that could evolve into a third party that would be perfect for Hizzoner to represent.

If it all takes root, get set for a campaign to pull the wool over Americans' eyes -- while New York City, perhaps, rots from neglect.

So far, Bloomberg swears (cross his heart!) he won't run. But: 1) One guy who reportedly played a role in assembling the group's leaders was Mike's political gofer, Kevin Sheekey -- a key force behind the mayor's last presidential flirtation. 2) Its rhetoric sounds uncannily like Hizzoner's. And 3) He was invited to Monday's launch.

The group calls itself "No Labels," but "No Purpose" might be better-- because, other than as a platform for Mike, it offers no reason whatsoever to exist.

As evidanced by his funniling money into Joe Lieberman's campaign in 06:

Over the last few days, it seems every right-wing commentator, traditional media outlet, Capitol Hill reporter, and online satirist has been comparing the "post-partisan" politics of the newly independent Mike Bloomberg to that of another short northeastern Jewish politician. This talk has been spurred on, in large part, by the latter politician himself, and for good reason - at least from his perspective: the media buzz surrounding Bloomberg's move (which does not seem to be echoing anywhere in the country except among party elites and on cable shows and in newsrooms) must, for a Senator who has been increasingly pilloried by the press and constituents alike for his vengeful lockstep embrace of horrific positions over the past six months, seem like an enticing star to which he might hitch his own broken-down "bipartisan" wagon.

Yet, even though Bloomberg campaigned for Joe, their politics have always originated in different places: Lieberman was elected in 1988 in what was still a very purple state as a National Review Democrat, the ex-Dem Bloomberg was elected in 2001 in a dark blue city as an admitted Republican-in-name-only (and even then, only by spending $74 million, getting the endorsement of the superhero incumbent in the wake of 9/11, and having the good fortune to run against the hapless Mark Green). The issues they have embraced and for which they have advocated in recent years are also hugely divergent. While Lieberman has done Cheney's fearmongering bidding in moving to outflank every neocon this side of Bill Kristol, Bloomberg's reaction to yet another case of dubious terror arrests tied to the uncovered JFK plot this month was to (a) not show up at the press conference announcing the arrests, and (b) tell everyone to "get a life" rather than sit back and be afraid. It was a not-terribly-subtle rebuke of his predecessor's current "9/11-24/7" fear-based presidential campaign - but it was also a direct jab at the failed foreign policy that Joe Lieberman's party of one has been singularly focused on advancing since winning re-election in November.

Lieberman would not be at all out of place at the RNC in 2008. Bloomberg would. Bloomberg wouldn't really be out of place at the DNC. Lieberman would. Bloomberg is a business-friendly, elitist social Democrat.  Lieberman is a Cheneyist, warmongering neoconservative. The two would be completely out of place on a ticket together. For all of Joe's efforts to get in on some of the Mikementum currently bubbling up, it's clear these two "independents" are not at all representative of any larger "post-partisan" movement. Instead, they are merely representative of two different reactions to an energized progressive movement... and of their own super-sized egos.

Don't expect much beyond overhyped and corporate shilled hoopla and nothing positive for real people with this "No Labels" campaign. It looks like just another in a long line irrelevant corporate and elitist shills trying to pay their way into the mythical middle with AstroTurfed "grassroots" actions to keep America from straying from the profitable right wing corporatocracy.

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