Northeast Coast Irene Watch: Hurricane Irene heads north (Open Thread)

  • Posted on: 27 August 2011
  • By: Open Thread

Northeast states are bracing for Irene's passing this weekend: if you're in the path (or skirting the path) of the hurricane, what's going on near you?

What are the skies like? How's the relative humidity? Are the local animals doing anything out of the ordinary (domestic as well as wild)?

Any overt signs manifesting in the local flora or fauna?

Let us know in comments: tell us your approximate location (Central MA, Rhode Island, MA East Coast, Southern NH, Eastern or Western CT, Manhattan, New York City, etc.) and then tell us what you're seeing. If you can make an update every few hours (electricity & weather permitting), it would help us paint a picture of the storm's passing.

Regardless, please stay safe. If there are any elderly or disabled folks in your area, check in on them or invite them over - be a good neighbor, and help those who may have a rougher time of it.

Thank you, and be safe.




Then it started in spurts; it's been fairly steady, with some waxing & waning but not quite stopping, since.