Not A Stellar Day For LGBTs

In a double whammy on Monday, first the Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to the policy of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Many see President Barack Obama dragging his feet as he has yet to do anything about DADT despite campaign promises he would champion the repeal of DADT.

The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network said in a statement,"The Court's decision now places greater pressure on the executive and legislative branches to get repeal of this discriminatory law done. Right now, the best place to make our core argument-that openly gay and lesbian service members do NOT negatively impact unit cohesion, morale, or good order-is in the political arena."

Then later in the day, in what has been called a coup in the New York State Senate, two democrats crossed party lines and voted for Republican Senator Dean Skelos who then became the Majority Leader.

This may very well put at risk the passing of a gay marriage bill in New York State which Governor David Patterson said he will sign if it reaches his desk.

The old saying you win some, you lose some will be of little consequence to men and women of the military affected by DADT and those who up until Monday thought gay marriage was pretty much a done deal.

Politics, like the weather here in New England, will change if you wait a while. 

But not always for the better.

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