Note from Rubio to the Tea Party:

From Taegan Goddard's Political Wire, Marco Rubio's message can basically be boiled down to a combination of "thanks for the campaign money" and "it's not me, it's radical you":

The St. Petersburg Times notes Sen.-elect Marco Rubio (R), a longtime GOP insider, is already distancing himself from the Tea Party after his victory last week.

This should be enough to have the Tea pity Party dreamers seeing rouge as he took their money and ran so fast the tread-marks are still fresh:

Rubio has already made it clear that he will not be a rogue senator. One day after the election, he declared his support for the GOP establishment when he said he looked forward to serving under Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell. He did not mention Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina, viewed as the more ideologically pure conservative and alternative power center, who championed Rubio's campaign early on.

Emph. mine.

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of the "tea party inc." candidates getting elected. When their candidates go all in for the GOP corporate mentality (and they will) the non-corporate part of the tea party will be forced to either escalate the war OR (more likely, IMHO) go 3rd party.

This is win/win for the left, especially given the fact the the worst part of the Dem party, the Blue Dogs and New Dems, were the politicians that got punished the most in the elections on the Dem side.

Considering how bad things could have gone in the elections? Lefty activists are the biggest winners, all around.

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Democracy in action: Greene, the rambling, enigmatic candidate who came out of nowhere to win the Democratic Senate nomination in South Carolina—and then went right back to nowhere and mostly stayed there through the campaign—had 358,069 votes as of yesterday's count. Sharron Angle, symbol of the most important political movement in the country, had 320,996. Chris Coons had 173,900.