NPR Report: Health Issues Caused by Natural Gas Drilling

Currently, 34 states are experiencing the ravages of natural gas development. The unconventional shale drilling for natural gas is touted in industry propaganda as our "clean energy" bridge to a new energy future. Recent reporting drives a stake into the heart of the natural gas as "clean energy" myth and exposes the reality:

Natural Gas is a Dirty Fossil Fuel.

NPR: Health Issues Follow Natural Gas Drilling In Texas

My comment:

Thank you for that excellent report! Industry’s rhetoric about being good neighbors is empty when they endanger ordinary citizens then threaten them into silence hoping they won’t report their slap-happy dangerous drilling practices.

Besides emissions, drilling creates massive amounts of waste that is disposed of in unregulated landfarms or abandoned in pits.

The burden of proof is upside down and way too high. Texas regulations allow industry to conduct its own testing and report on the “honor system." Individuals are stuck with the expense of testing for toxins while the industry, with its deep pockets, continues to say "flawed...not proof, so they can continue business as usual.

It's time to admit that natural gas is just another dirty fossil fuel so we can stop the pretending and focus on truly green, renewable energy sources.

For more information on Barnett Shale air pollution, click HERE and scroll down. The list is long. Please understand the pollution issues are widespread throughout the Barnett Shale area and NOT only confined to DISH, TX. For more informaiton on DISH, TX, click HERE and scroll down through the long list.

U.S. Health and Environmental Groups Call on 32 States to Protect Clean Air from Oil and Gas Drilling 

Air Quality Directors Must Follow Landmark EPA Ruling Limiting Air Pollution

Fugitive Emissions vdeo.


is a video showing the smog in my rural area where there is very little traffic and no industry other than natural gas development.

A landfarm video is HERE.

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