#OccupyWallStreet will not be televised

From what I'm able to tell, the organized protest movement that began a sustained encampment in Lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park (aka Liberty Park) under the banner of #OccupyWallStreet, is filling the classic script presaged by Gil Scott-Heron.

Of course, the owners of the commercial broadcast media responsible for keeping the wheels of American commerce spinning so favorably and so fast, in their direction, probably don't see so much editorial room in their broadcast day for news about the protests against the investment banks that have done so much damage to the world's finanicial markets.

So, of oourse, in full irony, I refer you to Current TV and Keith Olbermann's chat with Michael Moore to help make that point, you know that they know.

Well it's an ongoing story that I hope will only get bigger as it's relevance leverages it into the broadcast streams and, so, faces of commercial TV markets (you know, you're a market, not an audience).

But I'd urge you to at least pay attention and I'll point you to the movement's website, OccuptyWallStreet.org, and to Adbusters.org's updating page for 'Occupy Wall Street' where you can pick up the live feed of current video from the protests, or engage in chats or follow the twitterstream of tweets (#OCCUPYWALLSTREET) .

And stay tuned, I think this only gets more interesting with time.

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