Oligarchs, Sheikhs and Trump's America - Introduction

The scandals all stem from a decades-old friendship. Donald Trump, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. The three main legs on the corruption stool. There were several ways that these three kept intersecting with each other over the years.

  1. Fred Trump (Donald's Father) and Paul Manafort shared a "consigliere" -- Brad Zackson.
  2. Paul Manafort and Roger Stone worked on the Nixon campaign
  3. Paul Manafort and Roger Stone open a lobbying firm in 1979
  4. Donald Trump was their first client

In other words, they knew each other. For years.

More than just another 'gate'

By assigning a 'gate' to the rolling scandal that is Trump, we are minimizing the scope of the corruption. TrumpGate - RussiaGate -- SpyGate -- LieGate, and that doesn't even touch on the other scandal - what is happening to our institutions along the way.

Yes, Trump is involved, and yes, Russia is involved, but the supporting cast of characters (the group of people assembled by Team Trump) and countries all have their own scandals and self-serving interests. These secondary interests involve foreign countries - both friends and adversaries, yet somehow they all feed back to the behemoth spider at the center of this web of intrigue. So, let's just call it what it is - #TrumpGate

These various threads can be confusing, when taken on their own. It would seem to the casual observer that there are a multitude of scandals, but each of these threads does not stand alone, rather they are woven into a tapestry of deceit, treason, greed and graft. Without viewing the entire tapestry, you cannot comprehend what is really going on.

The Reality TV Presidency has more plot twists and turns than any spy novel I have ever read. It can be totally engrossing if you have the time to go and read all the background stories on the different characters. Trying to make sense of the secondary characters' motivations has lead to copious amounts of reading. The overarching motivation appears to be plain, old greed. There is a healthy dash of vengence, envy and intrigue added in to spice it all up, but it all comes down to greed.

To understand why all of this is happening, we have to understand who Donald Trump is -- the familia history that made Trump.