One Nation Two Spirits ... Our Native American Brothers & Sisiters

One segment of the LGBT community which is overlooked, most likely not even thought of, are our Native American brothers and sisters.

I became aware of Two Spirits about a year ago when adding categories to my link blog LGBT Rainbow Links.

Aside from being part of our community, the history of Two Spirits goes back before the first Europeans set foot in The New World.

And up until the "taboos" set by Judeo-Chrisitan values, Two Spirit people were not only an accepted part of Native American society, they were often revered.

The posting I have written at my blog "Focus On The Rainbow at Hearst Newspapers, ends with the following line from an article in the magazine "Indian Country Today" which reads, The film makes the case that in the 21st century we need to return to traditional American values - Native American values.

The film which the writer of the article at "Indian Country Today" is discussing is the documentary "Two Spirits" which chronicles the brutal and senseless death of Navajo teenager Fred Martinez and also looks at the history of being one of Two Spirits in the Native American culture.

A movie trailer of the film is also in the piece.

I hope you will take a look at One Nation Two Spirits ... Our Native American Brothers & Sisters and see our community began many centuries ago here in North America.

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