Open Thread - Alberto Gonzales Bound for TX Tech lucky can we get here in Texas?

LUBBOCK — Alberto Gonzales, who resigned as U.S. attorney general two years ago, is coming to Texas Tech this fall to teach political science.

Texas Tech Unversity System Chancellor Kent Hance confirmed the hiring on Tuesday.

It was first reported on the Austin American-Statesman in its online edition. A senior business assistant in Tech's political science department, Dora Rodriguez, told the newspaper that Gonzales will teach a "special topics" course on contemporary issues in the executive branch.

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Here we are June 2010 and Alberto has a year of teaching under his belt. Wonder if he'll ever get his book published...or is he just dreaming(keeps looking over his shoulder I'll bet). I'd really like to see the investigation's conclusion into the US Attorney firings and not have the story buried somewhere because it has taken like forever!!!
Gonzales Reflects on First Year Back in ‘Bush Country’

Alberto speaks: CNN

Washington (CNN) - In his first interview since the Justice Department said it decided not to charge Alberto Gonzales in the controversial firings of nine U. S. attorneys, the former U.S. Attorney General said he is angry about the investigation process.

"Well I feel good, John. I feel angry," Gonzales told CNN Chief National Correspondent John King. "I feel angry that I had to go through this; that my family had to suffer through this and what for? It was for nothing. I'm glad the investigation is over, and I'm glad the American people were reassured that nothing wrong happened during my tenure as the attorney general in connection with the removals of these U.S. attorneys."

The question in my mind will always be "did you do your job to the best of your ability?" I watched Alberto's testimony before the investigative committee about the US Attorney firings and I was struck by the incompetence...or ignorance of what was going on under his nose. I felt he abdicated his authority to Karl Rove.