Open Thread - The Economic Fun Fair

From political animation editorialist supreme Mark Fiore we get Jack visiting "The Economic Fun Fair":

While Ben Nelson may have been trampled by the Senators that did finally pass Unemployment Insurance extensions, seen any open thread worthy signs of other issues getting tackled anytime soon? Drop'em in comments...

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tweety's Coco Puffs?

MSNBC Does a Re-Do on Matthews Defending Breitbart and Saying He Didn't Edit the Sherrod Tape
This has to be one of the most bizarre things I've seen in a long time. Chris Matthews has Howard Dean and Joan Walsh on to discuss the Shirley Sherrod debacle and what Andrew Breitbart did to slime her and the Obama administration's response and when both Walsh and Dean point out to Matthews that despite his assertions to the contrary, Breitbart's video was highly edited, Matthews goes ballistic on them and claims that the nearly hour long video wasn't edited because Breitbart included this bit.

Because that might explain it.

LOL, I like that!