Open Thread - Join the Single Payer Conversation

The one that, after the debate is all finished and a bill that will not solve the extreme rising costs of healthcare and will result in corporate welfare for the insurance industry while providing little benefit to the patients has already passed, is being had at the NY Times:

Many developed countries, like Britain and Canada, rely on the government, not private insurers and providers, to provide medical care to citizens. By definition, all citizens are covered, and their care is usually free or close to it. Health care costs, as a percentage of gross domestic product, are generally lower in those countries. Could a so-called single-payer system work in the United States? Proponents say having government take the reins may be the only way to provide universal access and to contain exploding health care costs. For decades, though, opponents have described a single-payer system as "socialized medicine" and have argued that it would put government bureaucrats in charge of health care. Is the federal government capable of undertaking responsibility for the nation, as it does for the elderly and veterans? Does it have an ethical responsibility to do so, or is this contrary to American values?

As sad a commentary on the state of the media and our government as it is on the state of our healthcare system, given that they only begin this media discussion AFTER the corporations got pretty much everything they wanted in "reform"...

And the fact that there is already over a thousand comments on single payer, the vast majority in support of it,  is testimony to the fact that the people that were clamoring for more media coverage and an honest look at Single payer form our corrupted government - like "Improved Medicare For All" or any single payer hybrid solution - were essentially relegated to the ranks of a SILENT MAJORITY by a kleptocracy's censorship of the discussion when it would have mattered.

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