Open Thread - Movin' on!

I am at the point where I can choose to live in a half empty house with only a computer and a lot of furniture (minus the drawers of "stuff" that are already moved) or live in a half empty house with a TV and no furniture inside (though we do have our patio furniture moved so we can sit outside). We load up the van and take it over every night and so far we have moved most of the small things we have. We rented a small moving truck to move the big things figuring on doing it in two loads but with so much already done we may just get everything left to fit in that one small truck for one last load.

Below the fold is some open thread stuff that is moving in the traditional and new media.

gjohnsit takes a look at what has so many people getting off their butts and doing something, doing a lot of things, around the world:

The peasants are getting restless

Strikes and protests from Greece to Spain to Slovenia to Ireland to Romania have followed riots and bloodshed.

Via BooMan we get a look at extremist cross-eyed visions of Libertarians at Forbes:

A week after a come-from-behind victory over the GOP's establishment candidate in a Kentucky Senate primary, Rand Paul is facing a possible challenge by the Libertarian Party and is shaking up his staff after comments he made about racial segregation caused a firestorm.

Despite his pedigree as the son of former Libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul, Libertarian Vice Chairman Joshua Koch said Rand Paul has betrayed the party's values with stands he's taken, and they were considering finding a candidate to run for the seat.

Via TPM:

The campaign of embattled South Carolina gubernatorial frontrunner Nikki Haley says Haley will address claims of an affair at the gubernatorial debate next Tuesday.

Haley's campaign has gone to radio silence over the last two days and Haley herself avoided reporters today at the state House.

--Josh Marshall

MinistryOfTruth just added another piece to the puzzle covering the wackytudes of Rand Paul and his extremist supporters. And Pen points out the obvious that the media seems to miss whenever they shine that bright old spotlight on BP, because now is way too late to pick out BP's stupid.

And despite "supposedly" putting his own foot in his mouth last week, Dick Blumenthal still manages to put a good old fashioned WWE Smackdown on Linda McMahon, where Blumenthal keeps a formidable lead, 56-31, over the McMahon in the most recent Quinnipiac polling.

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Hope it goes very smoothly moving the last half of your space. Be careful, it's when you're relaxing near the end of the big job that you get hit by the event that messes with your back. Make the kids move the heavy stuff now!

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

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