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Something that gets lost in the news about the unemployed is the fact that much of what used to be the backbone of this nation's economic prowess, the middle class, is now the working poor:

Imagine That: Working Poor On The Rise

After the Republicans crashed to economy in 2008 one thing became immediately clear. It would not be the folks who can afford it who would pay for the excesses of the last few decades. No, the elitist millionaires in Congress and the White House would make sure they kept their precious tax breaks. Yes, the only group that would be expected to sacrifice just like always would be the working American. Now a new study is out showing just how much they did sacrifice.

One can only hope that Capitol Hill is really ready to grow its heart a few sizes before things get any worse. But if the media and the politicians are unable to even address the issue of Class War honestly, I can't see them actually fixing the problems. Not in the the favor of the average American, for certain.

Below the fold is a hint from the ghost of Christmas past as to what this sometimes Grinchy like kind of guy may post on soon...

An early Merry Christmas OR Happy Holidays, if you are so inclined, just in case this is the last post you get to check before you disappear into a pile of wrapping paper, empty bottles and hugs from family and friends.

As for my own Christmas list this year? Well? If you see Santa, tell him that as much as I liked everything from my wife and kids and even what I found in my stocking last year? All that I wanted last year is still all that I want this year:

The Weepies beautiful Christmas song, All That I Want, live in Philly:

I really want for nothing for myself. There are so many things that I want to see changed in the world for the good of everyone. World Peace? Stopping hunger? Ending poverty? Maybe I do want something: Wish me luck on getting those things.

Is there anything in particular you want for yourself or for others this year? Drop it in comment in this Open Thread...

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will start to get it:

The rich are different from you and me. Well, me anyway. And they're damn well positioned to keep it that way.

Florida not only got itself a fabulously wealthy governor (after he spent $73 million of his own money to get elected, maybe it's more accurate to suggest Rick Scott got himself a state) but a Legislature laden with millionaires.

Eighteen millionaires will be slumming in the state Senate. That's 18 out of 40 senators.

Down the hallway, 34 millionaires vote in the House. Out of 120 state reps. Rich reps are forced to mingle with the unwashed rabble.

The U.S. Congress wallows in even more disproportionate affluence than our elected moneybags in Tallahassee. According to the Center for Responsive Politics (a name plucked from the land of wishful thinking) 261 members of Congress are millionaires, and 55 are worth more than $10 million.

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