Open Thread - Putting Unemployment In Perspective

Just a very small excerpt from a very long post on the unemployment issue overall. This little part is just to put the size of the problem in perspective:

2,181,500 long-term unemployed Americans have now lost their unemployment benefits.

53,500 more will join them each day, which amounts to more than

350,000 people each week, who will be losing what could be their only source of income for housing, utilities, food and health-care for themselves and their kids.

To put those numbers in perspective...

2,181,500 is slightly more than the population of Chicago.

350,000 is roughly the population of cities like: New Orleans, St. Louis, Tampa, Santa Ana and Cincinnati.

53,000 is approximately the population of places like: Flagstaff, Sarasota, White Plains, Cheyenne and Battle Creek.

And, should the filibuster continue... In one month we're looking at the population of

Manhattan, Philadelphia and Detroit...combined!

There are some suggested actions you can take in ridemybike's diary. There is more open thread after the jump.

I'd almost love to see this person run, if only for the guarenteed comedy gold but I know that would probably wind up being bad for the country considering how many Americans voted for Bush jr. twice.

Here is what is likely a lose lose for the average American, since if Axelrod and Emmanuel get their way there will be disastrous cuts in spending and probably more tax cuts that will not trickle down, again. And when I see the name Geithner on the side of spending I know his ideas to "create more jobs" will probably just lead to more looting of the nation by the banks. It is all a political game that is killing the nation, regardless of the grain of truth to it.


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I guess this is an early Demo of the song from Bowie:

from Scary Monters:

Almost as interesting as listening to the song:

Some unemployment data for California

Department of Labor - rate 12.3% as of April 2010 (household survey - nsa)

Persons are classified as unemployed if they do not have a job, have actively looked for work in the prior 4 weeks, and are currently available for work.

LA Times - 8 California counties have unemployment rates over 20%.

Most counties were still struggling under the burden of joblessness, especially the eight counties where rates were higher than 20%. Merced County, for instance, had an unemployment rate of 21.7% in January, and Imperial County's rate was 27.3%.

Department of Labor - 45.5% of the unemployed nationwide have been out of work for over 25 weeks.

most of the country. Meanwhile? North of the border they are reporting 10 times the number of jobs created (in a country that is 10 times smaller than the US population wise) and have their unemployment down to a more stable 7.9 percent. Those evil job creating socialists!

Did someone say stronger social safety nets are a useful and built in stimulus for when something does go wrong in an economy?

We really need a WPA style work project. I can't see any other way to get so many people back to work quickly.

There are moments when I really wonder if the folks in Washington just don't want everyone to go back to work.

graph ... from Google ... not sure how accurate, but it does show the historical side of things, and you can compare different states.

future use.