Open Thread - So There is a Public Option, or is there?

Via Greg Sargent, nobody, absolutely nobody, but Harry Reid and the CBO scoring it has a clue what it entails:

There was contentious debate, however, over what kind of trigger to
use, the aide says. One idea was the Federal triggered public option.
Another idea was a kind of state-based trigger. While the details of
the latter idea are murky, the basic concept was that if certain
affordability goals weren’t met within particular states, a trigger
would compel state governments to offer a public option. Something
along those lines.

On Tuesday night, just before the news broke of the compromise, the
Senators kicked all staff out of the negotiating room, the aide said.
That meant that staffers who were talking on background to reporters
didn’t know what final decision had been reached.

What’s more, this aide asserts, Harry Reid, keeping it close to the vest, never made it clear to his fellow Senators which public option he would send to the CBO for scoring.

I am pretty sure that any kind of trigger will be designed, as per usual, to never ever be pulled. And even if all requirements were ever met to allow them to pull it? Doesn't mean they will, as past experience dictates. Below the fold, some other stuff you probably want to know, or don't want to know? Depends on your perspective:

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We're beyond the looking glass. The trigger is now applied to the "non profit" health programs that the insurance companies get to create. Having failed that, the "trigger" applies for a national public option. I agree with your take - it will never be pulled.

One feature of this loser legislation is the delay in implementation. It gets going around 2014, the launch date of those "exchanges." What a cruel joke. They address an immediate problem by delaying implementation. Guess we get to wait and suffer while we do that or simply die.

The machinations of the last three days are "all Harry, all the time." Reid is the guy putting all of this crap together. He's a disrase. He's taken more dives than a club fighter desperate for cash. Nothing good will come of this. I'd be surprised if pre-existing conditions are altered.

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