Open Thread - On Wikileaks and Media

Just some quick Open Thread links below the fold to drive home the importance of Wikileaks:

First from Raw Story and featuring Michael Moore:

Michael Moore offers his servers to host Wikileaks docs, posts $20,000 bail

The liberal filmmaker and author announced in a web posting Tuesday that he had donated $20,000 to the cause of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks' embattled chief who is being held in the United Kingdom on sexual offense charges and is seeking to be released on bail.

And second, from BradBlog and featuring Ray McGovern:

McGovern to CNN on WikiLeaks' Assange: 'You Should be Following His Example'

Take a look at the short CNN video interview below with 27-year CIA analyst Ray McGovern on WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange. It's astonishing and disturbingly telling.


It's embarrassing enough, in the below, to see CNN shamefully use the chyron "ASSANGE: JOURNALIST OR TERRORIST", since Assange has not been charged with anything remotely akin to "terrorism", nor has he like, ya know, a terrorist, either killed someone, tried to kill someone, or even advocated killing anybody --- unlike many of those who have advocated killing him.

But in the exchange that follows, as posted yesterday, note the telling positions expressed by CNN's Don Lemon about not only his, but CNN's apparent regard for WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange as "a pariah". He seems genuinely taken aback at the notion that, as McGovern tells him, CNN "should be following his example.


And I would be remiss if I did not note that the Senate achieved uhsurpassed levels of bipartisanship last Friday... Unfortunately? It was "Unanimous Consent" to strip Whistleblowers of previous protections.

"Senate Passes Bill That Destroys Existing Whistleblower Rights"

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Julian Assange is granted bail by a London court but will remain in custody as prosecutors have two hours to lodge an appeal against bail.


JULIA Gillard is confronting a growing backlash within her own party, with more Labor MPs yesterday attacking the Prime Minister's language and declaring their support for WikiLeaks's founder Julian Assange and free speech.


The willingness of leading media outlets to amplify clear falsehoods highlights their true allegiances
And a little bit more on whistelblowers:

In his new book Deadly Spin, Wendell Potter describes how his chief function as a senior public relations officer at two of the largest for-profit health insurance companies in the United States – Humana and Cigna – was to “perpetuate myths that had no other purpose but to sustain those companies’ e...