The Past And The Present: Brief Thoughts And A Question

Forty-six years ago today, on 22 November 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX.

In an effort to show that they want to achieve full status as domestic terrorists, the right wing -- with the full faith and promise of the GOP and its media propaganda machine -- is escalating ongoing efforts to incite violence, foment revolution and trigger assassination attempts on the current President and his Administration.

The levels of inappropriate political discourse are increasing almost exponentially, as the GOP does everything possible to prevent the Obama Administration and current Democratic majorities in Congress from achieving any measure of success in cleaning up the mess caused by 8+ years of GOP dominance, incompetence and corruption.

My question is simple, really: why can't these people be called out for their willful ignorance, their unAmerican and treasonous terrorist activities and their perpetual, intentional instigation of ongoing threats against our government?

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Because, like the Nazis, these right wing racist extremists have a huge control over the nations media.

Plain. And. Simple.

diminishing control, I think.

That's part of why I believe the "control" of the internet and disruption of net neutrality efforts is so important to them -- they don't have suitable control of the internet, so are having trouble keeping social media and citizen journalists from disrupting the "media message" that, before now, had been easier to control.

It also explains a lot of the astroturfing and the complete surprise they initially exhibited when such efforts began to be exposed.

They're losing control, and that's making them reach out to ever-more wild and dangerous alternatives to try to get the upper hand on things.

They'd rather plunge the nation into chaos than to have it repair the damages they'd done, 'cuz if they lose any more power they'll almost never stand a chance of regaining it.