Pension Tension Redux: The BeeBuzz

I am not the editor of a newspaper and shall always try to do right and be good so that God will not make me one.
- Mark Twain, Galaxy magazine, December 1870

In this morning's installment, the Sages of Sacramento choose to continue their attack on those who directly provide services to the people of this great State. Titled Perks of the past return to haunt, this group, having devoted so very many resources to uncovering the blatantly apparent, devotes yet another substantial amount of columnar space to lies by omission.

Repeating for effect the contentions of a skewed long-form article, they have failed once again to nail the direct causes they themselves reported on their own front page. As if there were a direct correlation between pension costs and denigration of services, rising crime rates, and (of course) a vast increase in the incidence of male pattern baldness.

Horse hockey. When an editorial spins a 40% rise in contributions over eight years without noting that 25% was due to inflation, they've moved so far out of the realm of accuracy as to be functionally useless to the readers.

Maybe it's in our lousy water. Maybe it's because Bee management has made so many unforced errors over the past few years. Whatever the cause, the past two days have clearly shown the production of random fact is no substitute for real reporting.

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The phrase almost constantly going through my head - and indicative of the attitude - is "don't raise the drawbridge, lower the river". Politicians can look us dead in the eye and (sometimes) make us believe change will come. I can deal with that, in fact I expect them to lie. But the publishers, editors, and reporters of our 'best and brightest' news? No. No slack. Especially when they know what they're producing is nothing but lies by omission. Fuck that.