Pentagon Shooter Another Tea Party Patriot Type?

Well? I had thought my final update on Pentagon shooter, John Patrick Bedell, would actually be the final update. Last time I had little trouble finding the "Patriot" background of the right wing Greg Girard after he flew his plane into a government building because we had his hometown to work with out og the GOOGLE gates. But with Bedell there were just way too many to sort through just on his name. More information, like Bedell's "9-11 truther" conspiracy beliefs, started to surface after they released the fact that he was from California and had traveled across country to unleash his violent ending at the Pentagon. But now TPM has turned up some recordings from John Patrick Bedell and it is pretty clear which side of the political spectrum his particular brand of crazy has been incubated in:

"Communist and socialist governments that abolished or disregarded private property," said Bedell in the recording, "created poverty, oppression and murder on a truly enormous scale." But, he continued, "Even in the United States, however, there has been a continual erosion of protection of private property justified by the belief that government is an efficient instrument for the positive direction of society."

Bedell added: "Governments lack the profit and loss incentives that individuals and private organizations must use..."

Let's just stop it right there for a second... Where have we heard talk like that before? If you are thinking the Tea Parties and Patriot movements as well as being encouraged and spewed by GOP leadership and activists... Then you would be 100% correct.

Bedell continues on below the fold:

And he warned: "When governments are able to confiscate the resources of their citizens to fund schemes that need only be justified by lies and deception enormous disasters can result."

Bedell also denounced the monetary system, a frequent bete noir of anti-government extremists. "When the government can control how private property is used," he said, "and especially when the government controls the monetary system that is use to exchange private property, the government has the mechanisms and the motivation to control individuals to the smallest detail."

Is it safe to classify the Tea Party and Patriot movement and even the GOP that is funding and encouraging them as the terrorist groups that they are? Girard was an active participant in the Patriot movement. Bedell shares all of the right wing fearmongering views as the crazies we see and hear from in the right wing everyday. And it is clear that the whole Tea Party and Patriot movements are encouraging this kind of violence by including some of the most vile and vitriolic haters to spew pure garbage at their events.

And there is no doubt that the GOP is actively funding this crazy.

When I got to the healthcare event [in August], these "Dump Dodd" fringe nuts were out there screeching about communism and socialism. Never mind that they were essentially calling Medicare, the VA and the military's Tricare "Communist and Socialist"...

- Connecticut Man1

IMHO: They are all terrorists.

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The following Washington Post article focuses on Bedell's pot use but seems to ignore completely that he was mentally ill and should not have had access to a gun of any type. Just like felons, the mentally ill do NOT have the right to bear arms. Even if one argues he wasn't techinically mentally ill, Bedell's pot use was supposedly for chronic insomnia. Lack of sleep can severely impair judgment.

Pentagon gunman 'had gone off the deep end,' according to friends, writings
By Mary Pat Flaherty, Hamil R. Harris and Michael E. Ruane, Washington Post, March 5, 2010

Bedell had been arrested in drug cases and talked with Monaco "often about drug use and why it was helpful to him," said Monaco, who said the younger Bedell's drug arrests stretched back several years and were a source of "great concern to his parents."

"He was not a person who should have been issued a medical clearance to use marijuana but he was," Monaco said.

Forget the pot - why on earth was this man allowed to have guns?