Pittsburgh bans fracking and corporate personhood in one fell swoop!

Has the revolution begun?!

Pittsburgh Bans Fracking (and Corporate Personhood)

A historic new ordinance bans natural gas drilling while elevating community decision making and the rights of nature over the "rights" associated with corporate personhood.

...The ordinance sponsor, Pittsburgh Councilman Doug Shields, led the charge to ban drilling, and was later joined by five co-sponsors. During the months leading up to today’s vote, Shields passionately advocated for the ordinance, saying that the city is “not a colony of the state and will not sit quietly by as our city gets drilled.” He sees this fight as about far more than drilling, saying “It’s about our authority as a community to decide, not corporations deciding for us.”

Drafted by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), Pittsburgh’s ordinance elevates the rights of people, the community, and nature over corporate “rights” and challenges the authority of the state to pre-empt community decision-making.

It's important to read the entire article written by drafters of the ordinance, Mari Margil and Ben Price, but I'm hoping the ramifications and precedent are as significant as I'd like to think! 

I sometimes hope too easily but it would be an important innovation if they've crafted the means for real persons to retake control of legislative and regulatory agendas from their misappropriation by the 'community of corporate persons'.

But, just the thought is worth Thanksgiving!  May the holiday be recast in a new, non-corporate light from now on :-)  And may your family's observance of the holidy be meaningful and satisfying.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Frack Corporate Personhood!

BSG when I hear that word. :)