Police Want the Tents Gone from Occupy Hartford CT

Here is the Hartford Chief of Police in his own words, earlier today:

Now, police may want to do this and may go ahead and do this BUT... They should not do this. Both because there is clear legal precedence on this and because it just is not a smart political move for them. (More below the fold)

We may need to get ready to help bail out some of them... The police have threatened to arrest them if they are there, tents and all, in the "morning". Lawyers were there explaining the rights to the people that are camping out.

Yes... They may choose to arrest them but apparently there is a Second Circuit decision from 2000 that does protect their rights to protest there, tents and all. And you can thank the New York City homeless for that.

Lawyers are working on getting an injunction to stop the police, and they seem confident they can get it considering the legal precedence involved... But before they can get an injunction some people may end up getting arrested.

So it all amounts to harassing protesters needlessly. And before you spread this around to other Occupations:

Not all states are protected by this Second Circuit decision.

And whether or not the Hartford police choose to act still remains in question. They may just be making threats in the hopes people leave.

Tactically for the police and the government? Ignoring protesters' clear rights will not look too good politically.

Because they can arrest them and force the protesters to get an injunction to keep the police from doing it again... Or the police could do it the easy way and just let the protesters be, rights intact and all.

Thoughts >>> Movement >>> Action...

A link to Occupy Hartford, CT's Facebook page.

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