The Polls are Open in Massachusetts

The Polls are open in Massachusetts and there are early reports are of a high voter turnout. Polls will be closing at 8 P.M. Eastern time. The mathcup between Coakley/Brown has clear ramifications in the Senate and on future legislative efforts by the Obama administration being that it will decide the fate of the Democratic party's 60th vote and the filibusterosity of the Senate.

Greg Sargent at The Plum Line reported one very fishy voting ballot, though it appears to be an isolated incident:

A software engineer in Cambridge says he was handed a fishy ballot at
the polling station in a local firehouse — it already had the bubble
next to Scott Brown’s name filled in. But he doesn’t think it likely
that it was fraud.

There has been much said concerning some mythical unpopularity of Obama' overall agenda but I think it has to be way overblown given the recent turnout for Obama's stop in Mass. to help whip up support for Coakley's campaign:

According to Fox's veteran propagandist reporter Carl
Cameron, the rally Sunday with President Obama for Senate candidate
Martha Coakley was ill-attended, with plenty of empty seats. That bit
of "news" would no doubt surprise the several thousand who could not
get in to the full to capacity event. Or the 500 who had to sit in the
overflow room.

Nevermind the fact that Obama's numbers have actually been going up again in recent Massachusetts polls while many in the media continue the charade of their obviously pre-scripted and unsupportable "Obama's aganda unpopular" narrative.

The reality is that if American's do have a problem with any part of the Obama aganda the one's who are against it because of it is suposedly too liberal - Teabaggrrrs - are in the minority, and if you take the number who support it and the number that think it is not liberal enough you end up with the "Libearl American Majority" that the corporate owned media would like you to ignore. Nothing makes that point more clear than the fact that "Medicare for All" as a Public Option is more popular than almost all of the politicians out there, Obama included.The media does not report on that fact. The Public Option is also more popular then the media's mythical "bipartisanship" that they try to tell us American's want. You just have to look at Joe Lieberman's ever tanking numbers to see that people wanting the media's idea of bipartisan is a blatant lie. Which is probably a big part of why nobody believes in the media's narrative on almost any issue anymeore, either.


And here is a real oddity in any modern day elections... At the NY Times website, The Caucus Blog has people on the ground in Mass. and is saying that there are no exit polls going on:

A.N.: Jeff, here’s one of the big frustrations of
the day: There are no exit polls. Now I know that most people think we
like exit polls, just to get the cool, insider read on what’s happening
and to impress our friends – O.K., that is definitely ONE reason why we
like them – but that’s not the real value. Exit polls for this race
would have provided us with all kinds of data about why what happens on
Tuesday actually happened, as well as offering information to help
analyze the coming midterm elections.

For example, did independent voters swing to Scott Brown, the
Republican, as pre-election polls suggested? Did Obama voters stay at
home? Have Republicans been galvanized by the health care bill? All
that would be bad news for President Obama and some very worried Democrats contemplating the outcome of the fall midterm elections.

J.Z.: I couldn’t agree more. There are no exit
polls, of course, because no one anticipated this special election
would turn into a real race – from the television networks that pay for
the exit polls to Democratic leaders in Washington who will suffer if
Martha Coakley loses. So without them, we will be left to rely on
anecdotal information. 

Are there big lines at polling places? Are black voters turning out
to vote in traditionally Democratic precincts? Are women voters walking
away with Coakley stickers on their lapels? This is the most critical
segment of the electorate for her. What happens if she doesn’t win them

No votes yet


will be getting the shakes with some kind of "exit-poll withdrawal". It should make some media narratives all over the place as they will be free to just make crap up.

"Willing to bet", of course, IF I were a gambling man, that is... :)