PR posing as News?


This is a bit of a turn - the mundane world of corporate media - a group notoriously lax about its own fact checking, is fact checking.

So. The story. The LA Times did a little investigative reporting into a controversial contract for $200,000 awarded to a public relations company by a small public entity, the Central Basin Municipal Water District.

Within a short time, news articles favorable to Central Basin Municipal Water District started appearing on the website News Hawks Review. There's just one problem - none of the authors appear to exist. In fact, photographs purported to be of the journalists, are stock images. There's more. It's embarrassing. And funny. Click on over to the LA Times article. You won't be disappointed.

Meanwhile, it makes you wonder, doesn't it? Just how much that's out there is real.

Just recently, Judge Brett Kavanaugh issued a 65 page dissent regarding the Sixth Circuit court of appeals upholding the Affordable Care Act and its individual health insurance mandate (see D.C. Circuit upholds Affordable Care Act). Which made me wonder if Judge Kavanaugh actually wrote his opinion. Heck, if lobbyists write legislation for Congress to pass, what's to stop them from writing legal opinions for sitting justices?

Questioning who wrote a judge's dissent, and it becomes obvious the credibility of an entire nation has been lost.

Authors of stories promoting water district can't be found

By Sam Allen, Los Angeles Times, November 8, 2011

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I thought ePluribus Media folks would get a kick out of this story since it has shades of Jeff Gannon running through it.

Glad to see media like the LA Times finally recognizing that things (in this case, journalists) are way too often not as they appear.