Print ain’t dead

Interesting case study of a profitable community newspaper.  The paper is free and the profits come from "targeted ad sales". 

hmmm ....

Print ain’t dead: How an ad-man-turned publisher is building a local news empire profitably in Texas

John P. Garrett says he worries he sounds like someone from the early 1990s who predicted there would never be a computer in every home. Garrett’s the Texas publisher of seven neighborhood editions of a monthly newspaper called Community Impact Newspaper. And he’s not looking online to grow his business. The difference between him and the Luddite computer naysayer is that, so far at least, he’s been right. His business is profitable, and he’s expanding. 


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“We decided it would be better to pull out of the Austin American-Statesman. We can drill down into the niche area community [with Community Impact]. With the Statesman, we can’t speak on a more personal level.”

I've never understood how most people could so seriously underestimate the importance of *local* ads. Garrett will win out, but may be subsumed down the road by a wiser, and chastened, Statesman.