Priorities, Suborning The Rule of Law and Subpoenas

I just came across this little blurb on CNN regarding the "party crasher" incident at the White House:

It was unclear whether the Salahis would accept the committee's invitation to testify, according to the committee's chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Mississippi.

"Late this evening, I was informed by the Salahis' counsel, that their clients, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, may not appear before the Committee tomorrow as requested," Thompson said in a statement released Wednesday evening. "If the Salahis are absent from tomorrow's hearing, the Committee is prepared to move forward with subpoenas to compel their appearance."

Really? Prepared to move forward with subpoenas to compel their appearance?

Why the hell was the Congress so slow to move on doing the same thing during the investigation of the Plame outing, or the loss of the White House emails, or...oh, wait - nevermind.

Not only was that still during the Bush Administration, but, even though the Democrats had achieved a majority in Congress in 2006, there was no chance of being able to conduct a complete and thorough investigation.

Even now that the GOP no longer has control of the White House or either branch of Congress, and their influence and control over the DoJ is now greatly diminished, we aren't going to see the crimes against the nation and the Constitution get any proper or thorough hearing. That's just not the way our government works.

BCCI scandal? Iran-Contra? The "October Surprise" over the Iran hostage crisis? The lying and malfeasance that led to the current Iraq War, lost billions (trillions?) of taxpayer dollars and thousands of lives? The outing of a CIA agent that led to the collapse of one of our networks set up to watch, track and intercept the transfer of nuclear material in the Middle East?

Those won't get a proper investigation; nobody will be called on the carpet. No real punishments will be metered out.

But boy-howdy, if those two reality show escapees don't show up in response to an invitation to appear before Congress...

The insanity continues.

We need to disengage from the political happy talk and get our media engaged with real issues, holding the feet of our elected officials to the fire and generating some real action among an informed public.

Enough of this reality-show-based popularist crap. Enough! No more Kabuki theater in a Potemkin village -- our politicians need to serve the people and the nation, not play roles, and our Congress and our capitol cannot be used simply as a stage upon which various shows are performed. It's time to kick our politicians, our media and our people in the ass, collectively, and get this nation back under the guidance of a functional government, a functional media and a functioning people.

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