Quick Update

Hey folks, just a quick update on why I'd suddenly gone scarce. I had a few issues crop up that directly challenged my capacity to be online for the better part of the past two weeks, both physically as well as time-wise.

Aside from a tax issue that cropped up and had to be dealt with, I'm also just completing my dealings with a minor computer revolt (mine, which is nearly resolved but which had gotten to the point where it became increasingly unusable over the past 2 1/2 weeks, to the point where it has been virtually unusable for most of the last week, plus several other family machines -- Wifey's, which was the least impaired and from which I was able to occasionally hop on to keep in touch, plus my father's and one of my brothers' machines).

On top of those fun factors, I've dealt with some client issues and -- the capper -- a recalcitrant lower back that went out right around the time my computer started to get really wonky. Two weeks ago, I could sit for short periods but -- if I sat too long -- I couldn't walk when I got up.

It's been fun.

The back issue was the easiest to deal with; last week, I managed to get enough sleep on a mattress with adequate support and voila!, my lower back "popped" into place.

I never thought those darn "sleep number bed" commercials made much sense, until I'd started getting up with increasingly less mobility.

I also noted, wryly, that backups of my data -- which are relatively current -- are meaningless if I didn't have an alternate system to access them with when the main one became compromised.


Anywho -- after all that, I'm finally wrapping up the last of the whirlwind of insane issues that launched a stealth attack, and trying to pick up the scattered pieces of multiple items I was working to complete for this community and a few online collaborative efforts. With all machines achieving a functional status by tomorrow morning, I estimate that I should be all caught up as of Saturday afternoon.

For those who have been patiently waiting and wondering where I've been and why I've not mentioned anything when I've been online for short spurts, I appreciate your patience.

For those who knew about some or all of the issues, thank you for your support.

A special shout-out, too, for Roxy the ePluribus Media webmistress, who I was in touch with during the period and who provided some great moral support. :)

I'm nearly "back" and look forward to being back for a while now. (Pun intended.)


Oh, yeah -- p.s. -- just before the proverbial sh!t hit the fan, I'd made the mistake of telling not one but three separate folks that the various minor setbacks I'd run into were no longer going to be an issue, and that I had finally managed to get a few elements that were outside my control under a degree of control...heh. I think I tempted Fate; next time I think of saying anything so stupid, I'll keep my big beak shut. :)

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in the ePM email box and since there were a couple of diaries I bumped them over the day on Saturday, but I did not have time to write anything myself until Sunday night. As for that computer problem... I know what it is like.

And you got a bad back too? lol

File your weekend under the "$#IT HAPPENS" file.

It was the second Saturday in a row where I was unable to focus on site monitoring. :/