Quote Of The Day From A Newspaper Man

In Sunday's Danbury newspaper, The News-Times, was an article which reports about starting today (Monday) the paper will no longer be printed in Danbury and 9 more people (the pressman) have lost their jobs. Several former co-workers which I have happened to see over the past couple of weeks have described the building as one big echo chamber because so many people have been let go.

All four Connecticut newspapers  that Hearst owns (The Post, Stamford Advocate, Greenwich Times and The News-Times) will now be printed in Bridgeport (at The Post) and then transported to the various cities to be redistributed to carriers and then on to stores/customers.

Have fun in the winter bringing the papers up from Bridgeport on Route 25 (nightmare !).

Not to forget if the press in Bridgeport goes down (quad-bum buck !)

In the article, David Dear, the publisher of the News-Times said, "You don't need a press to be a newspaper".

That's right Mr. Dear, all you need is the Internet !

My guess in a year, there will be one newspaper, The Post, with localized sections with "local news" for Danbury (area), Stamford, Greenwich and Bridgeport.

Far more efficent to print one run of one paper than what will now be four runs of four papers.

Within the past couple of weeks they have changed the look of The News-Times including typeset and layout.

A sign of things to come ? 

As Linda Ellerbee use to say, and so it goes.

For a related article on the newspaper industry, read The Sun Has Set On The Seattle Post-Intelligencer at my commentary blog FOCUS.

The commentary includes a video from PI employees as they say goodbye to the Grand Old Lady.

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