The Rainbow Lounge in Ft. Worth Tx - The New Stonewall

On the very day when LGBTs across the United States were to step out to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall comes the disturbing reports of the Ft. Worth, TX police and agents of the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission arresting and physically assaulting several patrons while "inspecting" a gay bar in Ft. Worth.

In what some have termed a "raid" just as in the Stonewall incident some forty years ago in Greenwich Village, New York City, law enforcement agents have been accused of using excessive force at The Rainbow Lounge.

The Fort Worth Police Department and the TABC called their presence at the bar an inspection, mind you in the early morning hours of Sunday.

The police department reported arresting seven people for intoxication and several more were restrained. One patron was taken to and hospitalized for a head injury allegedly cause by law enforcement officers. The Fort Worth Police department said that a few of their officers were approached in sexually explicit manners and that one of the officers was grabbed in the groin.

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