Rand Paul: I'm like MLK for smoking in restaurants that discriminate against black people

Dear Kentucky, please don't be stupid and elect this clown.

In an op-ed that was published in the Bowling Green Daily News, Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul claimed that he is against smoking bans in restaurants, against mandating that restaurants list calorie and fat contents in their products, and against slavery. Imagine that! It takes really bravery nowadays for a Republican in 2010 to be firmly against slavery!

Yes, Rand Paul is a DOCTOR who is pro smoking and pro fatty, high calorie foods. Where the hell do they find these people? Does the Republican Senate Campaign Committee just ask the members of their caucus to pick a number between 1 and 100, and anyone who knows a number between 1 and 100 gets to run for Senate in their state?

Go below the fold to see what FAILtastic ideas Rand Paul's free market unregulated paradise can offer you!

I am unlike many folks who run for office.

~ Rand Paul


Understatement of the year, Rand. You ARE unlike many folks who run for office. Usually, people who run for office are QUALIFIED for the job.

I am an idealist. When I read history I side with abolitionists such as William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglas who fought for 30 years to end slavery and to integrate public transportation in the free North in the 1840s. I see our failure to end slavery for decade after decade as a failure of weak-kneed politicians. [...]

Segregation ended only after a great and momentous uprising by idealists like Martin Luther King Jr., who provoked weak-kneed politicians to action.

In 2010, there are battles that need to be fought, and they have nothing to do with race or discrimination, but rather the rights of people to be free from a nanny state.

For example, I am opposed to the government telling restaurant owners that they cannot allow smoking in their establishments. I believe we as consumers can choose whether to patronize a smoke-filled restaurant or do business with a smoke-free option. Think about it — this overreach is now extending to mandates about fat and calorie counts in menus. Do we really need the government managing all of these decisions for us?


Yes, how dare the nanny state force me to breathe clean air while I eat healthy food. I should have the economic freedom to eat shitty food whose contents are I have no idea what while people blow smoke in my face, and if I don't like it I can just drive in circles until I find a restaurant that is for sissies and has calorie charts that help me make informed decisions while the nanny state makes me pay for Sarah Palin's BP sponsored Drill Baby Drill Oilpocalypse that only happened cause mean environmentalists called Sarah Palin's baby bad names in ANWR. I mean, if the nanny state can limit BP's liability to a few million dollars and stick tax payers for the rest of the bill of the WORST ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER IN US HISTORY, why the hell should they stop someone from blowing smoke in my face while I eat junk food with no labels at the restaurant of my free market choosing.

Oh, and the restaurants I will get to choose from are allowed to discriminate against black people.

Are you fucking kidding me, Rand?

This is the Republican paradise, a free market village of idiots who are free to smoke and eat shit, and how DARE YOU try to keep us healthy or be required to inform us on the CRAP you are selling us.

Oh, and we get to discriminate against people in places of public business, just like Fredrick Douglas and DOCTOR Martin Luther King Jr wanted, in Libertarian pyscho bizarro world.

DOCTOR Rand Paul? Where did you get your sheepskin, cause playing Operation into your 30's doesn't count.


Dear Kentucky, please, please, PLEASE do not be this stupid and elect this CLOWN.

Rand Paul, I award you no points.

If you can, throw Jack Conway for Senate in Kentcuky a few bucks. It will be worth it to keep Rand and his crazy unfettered free market hell on earth ideas out of office.

Donate to Rand Paul's Senate opponent Jack Conway HERE

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