Reality Show: The Alaskan Free Lunch Conservative Bunch

From the NY Daily News we get a glimpse into the making of th reality show featuring the GOP Queen of Welfare, both wingnut welfare and federal handouts wise, Sarah Palin:

Make sure to check out the premiere of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" Sunday night.

After all, we helped bankroll it.

I don't mean the new reality show.

I mean the state.

Alaska gets $1.84 in federal spending for every dollar it pays in federal taxes.

We in New York get just 79 cents on the dollar.

Which means we subsidize Alaska even as it enjoys a $2 billion-plus budget surplus.

I know that this topic comes up often where I live.... Because Connecticut is one of those many blue states that pays the welfare out to the many red states that would be bankrupt without the Federal handouts.

Alaska epitomizes the reality snow job show that is Red State Welfare.

The only reason there even "appears" to be a Nanny state that the conservatives rail about is because there is a crapload of childish red staters that have proven they are unable to get by without the rest of the USA taking care of you:

   Corporatists who call themselves "conservatives" really just want a free lunch. They LOVE government services, they just don't want to pay for them. It's like having your cake and eating it too, then shitting on mine.

    To them, Conservativism means they get to keep their money while spending yours, they get tax cuts, you get austerity, they get states rights and the 10th Amendment and you get to subsidize their incompetent Republican tax free style of governance. If Republicans from states like Kentucky, Alaska and South Carolina want to destroy Socialism maybe they should quit profiting from it first.

   Now, I don't mind if my tax dollars go to help Americans less needy then myself. I call that PATRIOTISM. But what I do mind is having my NY tax dollars bailout South Carolina while the Republican Senators from South Carolina wail and gnash teeth over taxing and spending. Guess what, hypocrite, my taxes are being spent to bailout your dumb ass. I guess beggers can be choosers, though that OKIYAR.

So let's not make anymore bones about it. Republican Red States are FREELOADERS who depend on HANDOUTS from more liberal and more competently governed blue states. You don't get to bitch about "Welfare Queens" and a "Nanny state" when your Republican redstate would be totally screwed if it weren't for NY and the Federal Government carrying your dead weight.

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