Reconciliation with McCain's Nuclear Addled Brain

Last year, speaking at the Heritage Foundation,
Sen. John McCain said that the Republicans laid the groundwork for reconciliation because of how they had used it:

MCCAIN: I fully recognize that Republicans have in the past engaged in using reconciliation to further the party’s agenda. I wish it had not been done then, and I hope it will not be done now that the groundwork has been laid.

But now that reconciliation, a simple up or down vote, is actually going to be used to pass a mish-mash of conservative GOP and Democratic ideas under Obama's watch? Suddenly it is the nuclear end of the world:

[McCain] then admitted that reconciliation has been used in the past, but
“never before” for something as costly has health care and that using
it now would all but ruin the U.S. Senate as an institution and “harm
the future of our country”:

MCCAIN: The last time when there was a proposal that we
Republicans in the majority would adopt a 51 vote majority on the issue
of the confirmation of judges. There was a group of us that
got together and said no that’s not the right way to go because that
could deal a fatal blow to the unique aspect of the United States
Senate which is a 60 vote majority
. And we came to an agreement and it was brought to a halt.

If a 51 vote reconciliation is enacted on one-sixth of our gross national product. Never before has there been –- there’s
been reconciliation but not at the level of an issue of this magnitude
and I think I could harm the future of our country and our institution
which I loved a great deal for a long, long time

Watch it:

First, the “nuclear option” McCain referred to is not synonymous with “reconciliation” in general. It is the latest dishonest GOP talking point simply meant to derail health care reform.

Little wonder why Grampa Abe McCain needs to be reminded of what he said last year when he has to be reminded every day that he lost the last election to Obama.

Rachel Maddow takes on the whole crew of nutjobs screeching about "nuclear" like a bomb went off in their brains:

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