Republicans Love Pork More Than Sarah Palin

And, yes, no doubt that Pork has more political pull across the spectrum than Sarah Palin does. But none of this should come as a surprise given that we already knew that Socialism is as popular as the Tea Party.

Just a quick picture from a Pew Research poll conducted from July 29 to August 1, of where the Republican party, the Tea Party and Sarah Palin have failed even more than Barack Obama in their messaging:

Americans love pork. Even the GOP voters.

The sound you just heard in the back of your mind was an entire line of right wing gobbledygook talking points extremism thought being flushed down the toilet.

Below the fold, Jed Lewison provides a little more insight in to how this really plays out in elections:

Sorry, tea party: Voters prefer government project

If you look at the net impact of each hypothetical on a liklihood of support (in other words, subtracting the less likely number from the more likely number), you get, in order:

  1. Government projects: +39%
  1. Barack Obama: -1%
  1. Candidate is neither Dem nor GOP: -6%
  1. Tea party: -9%
  1. Sarah Palin: -20%

So it turns out that the tea party's austerity message is a lead balloon for the GOP. Instead, voters want somebody representing them who will deliver the goods for their district. Even among Republicans, voters are just as likely to support a candidate who delivers government projects and money to their district as one who has the backing of the tea party.

Moreover, it turns out the election really isn't about any one national figure, but if it were, it would be Sarah Palin that was a detriment -- not President Obama.

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Changed sentence in first paragraph in this manner at the time of this comment:

But none of this should come as a surprise given that we already knew that Socialism is more as popular than as the Tea Party.

Because as originally written it was not factual.