A Response to "Big Things" - The President's Campaign Fundraising Letter

I received an email from Barack Obama - well, his fundraising campaign - that cited "big things" as a subject and provided a link that had "begin_again" in the URL.


I didn't bother to read it. I have little money to spare - none, actually. The economy sucks; the recovery is slow. Much of this is do to a dual circumstance: the backbone of the GOP's efforts to undermine recovery, and the almost complete and utter failure of the Democrats and the President to effectively push back and expose those efforts as the crappy, un-patriotic shite that it is.

I wrote a response instead, and posted it as a note on Facebook that I shared as a status. (You can find the status here with a link to the note.) Feel free to share it via Twitter and/or FB.

I'm reprinting it below the fold for those of you who'd rather not venture there, and to give everyone the opportunity to comment.

Have at it...


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Dear Mr. President and your various advisers, strategists & press secretaries:
I support your presidency and your (hopeful) re-election, but you need to stand up to the GOP and put through progressive changes before I can sacrifice any money from my currently pithy income; I can't risk any of the little $$ I have unless I know you're going to put an end to the efforts to undermine the recovery. This means expiring the tax cuts and bringing single payer to fruition, for starters.

Nice job on smacking down the birthers. Now can you face down the GOP's two-faced and un-American (but typical) undermining of our nation?

I know it's been hard in some areas and that you've been forced to compromise, but in case you haven't noticed - they don't compromise. They provide lip service, then lie and renege.

Time for you to get tougher and push through a much more progressive protection and expansion of our social safety net; it'll bring jobs back, and the economy.

It's also time to re-impose real regulations - and ensure that there are swift, punitive and dependable actions against violators - on the financial markets, Wall Street and the Corporations.

We, the people, need to see you actively and openly identifying the real problems, exposing them and addressing them with facts and action.

You were elected on the promise and hope that you'd do that, and you've done a lot in spite of tremendous opposition. Now it's time to do more - you've got more political capital in the wake of the GOP's overt swipe at HCR and Medicare, mixed in with their debacle re: collective bargaining, so spend it.

Spend it (and earn more, with interest) before these lunatics can find a way to get any more power in Congress or government, lest they return us to a Bush/Cheney state of debasement, corruption and decay.

Thank you.

-- GH


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As you recycle and reshuffle the Pentagon and CIA leadership, why not actually begin to take us off of the GOP's neo-Con and DLC's neo-liberal plans and establish a new course, one that is honorable?

As supporting of and per Greyhawk's request above, can you get a Department of Justice with a backbone? It'd go a long way towards beginning to regulate the corporate crooks and banksters, once again, if they actually believed you weren't advised according to Goldman Sachs.

PS. it might actually help with credibility and, by the way, economically, to ditch the Goldman Sachs Cabinet?!