Revisiting the Lyrics to "America the Beautiful"

With all the recent changes in our world, and the impact of those changes upon our nation, perhaps it's time to adjust some of the songs of old to better reflect our current state of being. Let's start with "America the Beautiful" for example:

O beautiful for spacious polluted skies,
For amber waves of grain oil,
For purple flattened mountain majesties
Above the fruited poisoned plain!
America! America!
God The GOP shed his grace shat mightily on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood sown thy guv'mint with trait'rous greed
From sea to shining dying sea!

Mmmmm...that seems a lot less positive. More accurate? Sure -- but not very positive.

Too bad they still have enough power to prevent any attempts at undoing their damage.

Image from RLMiller's Daily Kos diary.

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