Right Wing Retreads Run Over by Connecticut Capitol Police

The Connecticut State Capitol Police reverses their previous decision and revokes the Tea Party's flag raising ceremony when they figured out it was nothing more than a political pity party stunt from a bunch of fringe wingnuts:

Tea Party activists won't be permitted to fly the Gadsden Flag over the state Capitol after all.

State Capitol police today reversed an earlier decision to allow the bright yellow "Don't Tread On Me" banner to flutter from the highly visible flagpole after learning that activists had planned a political rally following the flag-raising ceremony.

"It went from being a flag-raising ceremony to a political event,'' Acting Capitol police Chief Walter Lee said. "They are using it as a launching pad for [candidates for] public office."

Tea Party activists view the flag as a historic symbol of American defiance, but critics say the familiar flag with the image of a coiled rattlesnake is now associated with the controversial political movement.

Why they would consider allowing a political stunt from a bunch of far right wing radicals retreads of the John Birch Society ilk with no more political weight than socialists in the United States of America have is beyond reason in the first place? /semi-snark

And yes... The thing the far right wingnut Teabaggers mock, that "Evil Socialism!", as being radical and fringe in America is just as popular as they are amongst Americans. I'll leave it to you, Dear Reader, to decide whether or not they mock themselves more than anything else. For myself? I'll hold these truths to be self-evident since most socialists I know are not advocating for violence nor are they attacking each other in intra-party brawls like they are at Tea Party events.

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