RIP Commander Jeffry Lyle Huber, US Navy (retired)

We learned, late, of the passing of Commander Jeffry L. Huber (retired) at the age of 57, on January 24, 2012.

He was one of ePluribus Media's bright bulbs who shined a light from his flight deck experience in a bounty of words wizened by U.S. Navy command and time on the USS Theodore Roosevelt.   It all sharpened the satire in his critcally acclaimed Bathtub Admirals.

He graced not only our shores but through the wider appeal of his blog, Pen and Sword, the DailyKos, and, among other venues. 

The spirit of his humor and insighted commentary are a loss and will be missed by many. 

RIP Commander Huber. 

For a long thread of worthy respect, see this eulogy at DailyKos or the bon voyages of well-wishers at


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Jeff was a huge help to me back when I wrote and ePluribus Media published my very first article, One Missing, One Dead. Not having a military background, Jeff was kind enough to take the time to explain various military subtleties that a civilian such as myself was unlikely to grasp. The significance of rank between someone in the Navy and someone in the Air Force as well as what it meant to hold certain higher ranks and what it took (and meant) to arrive there.

He was also extremely encouraging when it came to pushing for answers and who to try to write to when filing FOIA requests.

Jeff was also a member of the Editors committee - bringing a much needed sense of humor to the herding of cats that the Editors were inevitably responsible for.

Those who don't know the 'inner workings' of ePluribus Media can't begin to appreciate the Herculean task of publishing citizen journalism with and by an all-volunteer group.

Jeff - you will be missed.

My dear friend, colleague and co-author Jeff Huber has passed away of natural causes in his home overlooking his beloved ocean in Virgina Beach VA. An actor, comedy improviser, retired Navy commander, jazz aficionado, animal lover and protector, wickedly incisive satirist, and a man who never let his deep love of his country and fellow man get in the way of his rapier wit and brilliant critical analyses of them, he was unique and beloved. Jeff was relieved of his command by his "broke heart" which was well worn by the ravages of both love and war. In his inscription to me on the leaf of his satire on military incompetence , Bathtub Admirals, Jeff wrote:"Denise, Always remember-- that which does not kill you will give you congestive heart failure". Jeff taught me about the residue of pain that often lies beneath the pomp and circumstances of military service and ,together, we championed those with PTSD when no one was listening. His was the most impressive mind and wit I have ever had the good fortune to know and love. The loss of his voice of reason in the noisy, nasty, irrational public discourse is incalculable. Bon voyage, Commander. I'll never forget.

by all of us here at ePluribus Media.

RIP Commander Huber.