The Role Of A Free and Open Media: Accountability in Action

Hat-tip Lordrag of DelphiForums.

Quoting Lordrag's seeder post,

Jon Stewart spent a segment blasting Keith Olbermann Thursday night. And right wingers had a ball getting ready to enjoy the fireworks as Olbermann was sure to respond to the skewering.

Well, Olbermann responded all right.

He played Jon Stewart's ENTIRE segment on his show Friday night.

And then, he loosed his rhetorical cannons on Stewart. Surely, the big liberal ego of Keith Olbermann was going to blast back with both barrels, and a full-scale war would be on.

And here's what Keith Olbermann said, after playing Stewart's whole segment:

"You know what, you're right. I have been a
little over the top lately. Point taken. Sorry."

...nicely played. In the original forum thread, I added -- and here reassert -- the following:

That was well done, and a great example of each at their best -- by showing their capacity to criticize and hold accountable among their own, and admit culpability when wrong.

Great example for both the news media as well as politicians and their pet punditry.

...too bad it'll be lost on all but those wild and crazy liberal progressives.

It's nice to see at least some aspect of our media as capable of self-analysis and accepting of accountability, even if it's not a predominant habit in the traditional media at this time.

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