Sarah Palin Can't Dominate the Polls:

And so I am left wondering how this can help any GOP candidate?

Last week a Quinnipiac Poll showed that the more people learned about Sarah Palin, the worse her numbers got. This week? A new poll with about 2/3 of Republicans giving her favorables is the only thing propping her dismal numbers up. Outside of the ever shrinking minority of GOP voters the Dems give her about 15% favorables and the idependents? About 33%.

Given the trends of the last few election cycles, slightly growing number of Dem affiliated voters and the fast growth of indies and a continued decline in GOP membership? She could probably come close in the election for Mayor of Wassilla right now. But that is about it.

Has anyone mentioned to the GOP that the fact that they have wildly unpopular leaders - outside of their own party base for certain - and their continued advocacy for failed and incompetent policies that got us in an economic ditch may be leading to their continued decline? When it comes to the Free Market Run Amok? Voters can and will "just say no!" after what the last 30 years of Reagan/Bush trickle down voodoo just did to the American economy.

And as a side note below the fold:

Since Sarah Palin just finished visiting the loony bin in Arizona in support of John McCain where a Tea Party civil war broke out... Supporters of John McCain were not pleased with his birther primary opponents' supporter and attacked him before the police came along and took him out of there, but I wanted to look at the what makes the entire premise of the Tea Party somewhat insane - aside from the typical violence and bigots:

What Would Supply Side Jesus Do?

He would tell these lazy, unemployed Teabaggers living off of the socialist fat of the land to get off their butts and get a job. There is no small irony in that story and I can't help but poke fun at very typical GOP frames concerning the "lazy unemployed bums" and "Socialism for me but not for thee" when "thee" might involve the poor and minorities.

There just isn't anything to work with when it comes to reasonable discussion with them. There are no persaudables remaining on the GOP side of the aisle. The people that are capable of critical thinking have already left the GOP, which is why they are lacking in any leadership with intelectual honesty and/or integrity and are and will be in decline for a while.

All that remains is to document the political atrocity that the GOP has become. IMHO, there is no point in actually trying to engage them anymore.

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