Satirical Palin Media Attack Laps Reality

Providing even further proof that real life can be funnier than anything even The Onion can make up... Sarahcuda circles the "lamestream media" like a blind and toothless fish out of water:chasing her own tale:

Blasting 'lamestream media,' Palin attacks satirical article

A reader points out that one of the fed-up claims in Sarah Palin's defense of Nikki Haley -- that the "lamestream media" reported she was "living in the Hamptons" -- refers to a pretty blunt and obvious satire in a local New York publication, Dan's Papers.

Just be thankful that she is as clueless as a political and ideological foe as we could ever hope for. We can only hope for this kind of idiocy from her Kentucky ideological clone, Rand Paul.

Because the next ideologically pure nutcase may come off as even more appealing to the right wing base than the last one. Especially among those hypocritical libertarian types...  Well? Maybe just the corporatist libertarian types?  Because the newest Randian right wing nutjob and self-identified libertarian star does not have much regard for the freedom and Constitutional protections of a lot of real people.

And the one thing Rand Paul craves, national media attention to push his ideological whackytudes, is the one thing that the GOP does not want him to have anymore.

In public, Senate candidate Rand Paul's Republican colleagues have tried to contextualize his controversial comments about anti-discrimination laws and the Obama administration's handling of the Gulf Coast oil spill, but privately they bemoan the political newcomer's gaffes and wish he'd focus less on the national media spotlight and more on Kentucky and the economy.

"In any campaign there's going to be a few bumps," said Brian Walsh , a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Paul didn't return calls requesting comment.

Even Sarahcuda has shied away from chasing his tale, now.

Speaking of online supporters remaining mum, Sarah Palin, who backed Paul, sure is keeping quiet amidst the controversy. Facebook cat got her tongue?

Maybe Paul Rand is a Kentucky ideological pure clown clone in Sarah Palin's own comical mold after all? When even the Queen of GOP Tea Party organizing crazy finds him drowning in his own indefensible stupidity, he may have just lapped reality too.

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