SCOTUS decision: An executive order is the appropriate short term response

The horror of what some right wing activist Supreme Court judges just did to the Consitution hasn't yet sunk in to the nations collective conciousness yet and it is pretty clear that the ramifications of this outrageous ruling are not yet apparent to everyone. So let me lay it out for you:

The Supreme Court just ruled that foreign nations can control our electoral process. That's right, what those five judges just did was to commit treason.

Any foreign interest can control a corporation. Where the corporation was founded has no bearing on who controls it. So any foreign interest, say China, Iran or the former Soviet Union, could use its resources to take over a corporation and then use the corporations resources to influence the outcome of an election.

Last I checked, free speech is only guaranteed to Americans. A corporation has no nationality in this global market. The Supreme Court just upheld the right of foreign interests to have rights reserved for American citizens.

So on those grounds, it would seem to me that the only short term solution is for Obama to issue an executive order to immediately reverse the SCOTUS decision based on the clear and present threat this decision poses to our national security.

Then Congress had better get off their butts and do something to end this corporate "personhood" once and for all.

One of those times it's a good thing I'm not president. I'd set of a civil war because I'd have those five justices lined up and shot for treason. God knows, they deserve it.

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The current majority of SCOTUS isn't right-wing. It's Pro-Business. They don't care about abortion, the death penalty, or any other various social issues. They just care about money.

that they aren't pro-business, they're pro-corporation. Progressives are pro-business.

And I've also of the opinion that being pro-corporation and just caring about the money is fundamentally what being a right winger is.

Now, for the southern white boy, it's about keepin' dem Nigras in their place. For the Bible thumpers it's about GAWD.

But beneath it all, it's about the money and the corporations.

Fascism is far-right....and that certainly seems to be where things are headed. Didn't end so well for Mussolini though. But then, the far-right isn't noted for its reading skills. Those pesky history books...just too many letters!