Sen. Chris Dodd on CBO Scoring of Healthcare, Credit Card Bill and FISA

I have a tonne of video to sift through. This is the very first one that I am done editing, most of them are pretty long and there will be more from Dodd as well as some from Ned Lamont and Rosa Delauro.

Stay tuned... These events all took place on Saturday, September 26, '09.

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You'll catch me at the end of the video mentioning the Feingold initiative on retroactive immunity and FISA, etc. I try to get a few points across throughout, as do others on other issues. A really fine group of Nutmeg state Bloggers that many of you would recognize showed up to this "Blogger outreach" effort by Dodd and all had some great comments and questions. I tried to catch the other Bloggers talking when they did but if you hear talking and the camera is still on Dodd and his lips aren't moving then it is probably me yappin' away. lol

nicely done ... and thanks for the report.

He is a local Blogger at Orient Lodge, and he has extensive experience with Drupal. He was one of the guys who helped build Dean's site, if I remember correctly, during the '04 presidential campaign. I told him you were rebuilding the site on Drupal and he is familiar with ePM and said he would be willing to help you out if you need any? Just an FYI.

Could you edit a date record into the post?

I was very interested to hear of the importance he assigned, in one statement, to the role of bloggers and, another, to alternative media with an explicitly direct contrast to mainstream media.

Something about not being able to get any traction on the FISA issue without bloggers.

Nice work!



"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

Dodd is one of the politicians that watched and learned from Ned Lamont's campaign on how Bloggers can help drive an issue out into the mainstream. He hasn't shied away from even the more critical ones. Even the Republicans around here have learned that. Chris Shays was allowing Bloggers at his pressers, even though most were left leaning Bloggers that would show up. He just wouldn't let the Bloggers ask questions. Shays mocked MLN when they tried to ask a question once. Didn't work out too well for him as journalists starting asking the questions for the MLN, since they were darned good questions.