Senate Committee Gives Kagan a Pass

It was inevitable, but NPR is reporting that Elena Kagan easily jumped through the first Senate Committee hoops and even one Republican, Sen. Lindsey Graham gave her a vote pass to he floor:

Although Elena Kagan endured 17 hours of hearings and answered more than 700 questions, her bid to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court never really generated high drama.

As expected, all of the Senate Judiciary Committee's 12 Democrats cast their votes to approve Kagan's nomination on Tuesday. In the day's only surprise, South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham bucked his party and voted for Kagan, too, making the final tally 13-6.

"No one spent more time trying to beat President Obama than I did, except maybe Sen. [John] McCain," Graham said. But, he added, in the end, elections have consequences, and the president had a right to his choice.

Now... If only some of Senator Graham's attitudes could translate to votes on issues since, yes, elections do have consequences. Not just in appointments but in policies and issues. When elections put your party in the super slim minority there is usually a reason for that.

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