Setting the record straight on Presidential Accomplishments

Very interesting video clip from Rachel Maddow's show:

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Maddow touches upon the accomplishments to date of President Barack Obama's first term, referencing an article by Taegan Goddard on the same topic. When she ran down the list of accomplishments, I found myself thinking "That's a lot, in a little time." Certainly not "perfect" but a far cry from what and where the previous Administration and it's congressional majority of Republicans had done with, for and to the nation.

Just think of how much more could have been accomplished, too, if the Republicans in Congress would stop working and praying for failure in order to try and re-seize any kind of political majority and power --you know, if the GOP actually did their jobs, as duly appointed representatives of, by and for the people? Just think of how much better things could be in all sectors, if they'd only work with America, instead of hoping for failure and undermining the nation...

Hat-tip Moby of DelphiForums.

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Because even if the legislation is pretty big: Each and every time it has stopped short of solving the underlying problems.

In healthcare, the only way I see it being solved is on a state by state basis without a public option in the federal solution there. That may be a good thing long term because many states will surely choose single payer as soon as they are legally able to. Short term, it only (maybe) solves getting coverage. Whether they can afford it or if it will cover anything they need is another issue.

We are seeing big legislation in the financial industry - carved out the ying yang by special interests. And many are already saying it stops short of solving the biggest problems. (I admit that I have only scanned some of the credible financial resources, so far.) We'll see.

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