Sex, Lies and Health Care Reform

The lies that the reform bill allows teenagers (women, really) to have accurate sex information, birth control and safe sex and safe abortions, which isn't in the bill, whipped up the nut cases into a frothing tizzy. Not to be outdone, the Palenesque descriptions of health care rationing based upon "societal contribution" are absurd, yet the ignorant believe them.

The lies served up by posturing Republican and Democratic Congressional members, AHIP, the former CEO of HCA, Rick Scott go unchallenged by the main stream media. In fact, the sillier the claim, the more likely the MSM is to cover it and cover it until the airwaves are saturated with big fat lies. All created by the same media that likes to say bloggers aren't real journalists because they don't do enough fact checking prior to publication.

Sigh, "Pot, let me introduce you to Kettle".

First, I have to dispel the myth that no bloggers check their facts before posting. That's wrong, but newspapers, radio and tv reporters need to feel relevant; so that's their story and they're sticking to it. Many bloggers have advanced degrees and are professionals sharing their knowledge and research and we are lucky enough to have forums where we can share our findings.

Our free press is beholden to their advertisers and their star reporters at best, turn blind eyes to inconvenient truths or at worst, trade favors for access to their sources. The conflict of interest is apparent to anyone who bothers to objectively observe news outlets and think it through. It's obvious from how health care reform is predominately framed and reported that our "free" press is anything but free and unbiased.

For instance:

We have health care reform crawling along at a snail's pace while Republicans and pundits say Obama is moving too fast.

Reporters report the too fast business, but miss the fact that some of us have been striving for reform for twenty years.

. You have to wonder where the media is coming from? Health care reform has been tinkered with and piddled with and turned into a Frankensteinian mess over the last 70 years. We have the momentum to change it and the media cheerleaders echo the conservative fear mongers that say we're going about this too fast?

We have anywhere from 18,000 to 22,000 people dying each year from denied care.

That's 50-60 people per day.
That's 2 people per hour.
That's as many as 5 people every 2 hours.
It only takes 30 minutes or so for our health care system to kill someone.

Remember the tainted spinach that killed 3 people? E. coli kills about 60 people per year and makes about 73,000 ill. The media was all over this. The CDC gives a full report on the e.coli outbreak and the final death toll rose to 4, 35 with kidney failure and 103 hospitalized. Controversial new rules were put in play fairly quickly to make the nation's food supply of bagged greens safer. There's been some complaints about the effectiveness of these rules and the cost of them. Others wonder if they do any good, but that's not my point.

              4 deaths over 2 months made an entire industry spin around and change course.

So back to the U.S. Health Care System that kills 18,000-22,000 people per year (50-60 people a day, 1 person about every 30 minutes)....that has continued and increased in numbers over the past 10 or so years.

How many people have to die before we demand change?

That death rate barely gets a blink from CNN, ABCnews, CBSnews, NBCnews the NYTimes, BostonGlobe, SFGate or WaPo. That death rate doesn't outrage Andrea Mitchell, Charles Gibson, Wolf Blitzer or Joe Scarborough. Personalities like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh simply ignore this death rate, or say the statistic is a lie. Not only does health care not upset the media or their personalities delivering the news, they help organizations lie about reform efforts.

Pharmaceutical companies spend $10.6 billion per year on direct to consumer advertising with a 10:1 ROI. I haven't found what health insurers spend on their marketing budgets yet, but you can be sure it's probably more than pharma. And then there's AARP, an organization that derives a substantial portion of their revenue from licensing their name to insurance companies that says they are health and wellness advocates for older Americans. The advertising revenue to the MSM for product promotion is huge.

Then there's the pharma and insurer backed political organizations whose only purpose is to defeat health care reform. Pharmaceutical companies are beefing up their influence along with Insurance companies.

That's $1.4 million per day (plus DTC advertising peddling pharma, insurance and AARP) is falling into the coffers of the main stream media who doesn't disclose their conflict of interest at the beginning of every segment they report health care reform news.

You didn't think they would bite the hand that feeds them, did you?

Our press isn't free. They are puppets on a purse string.

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