Shameless Self-Promotion ... Welcome To The 60's

I'm very pleased to announce a new blog from Artlyn Entertainment which will be as much fun to do as it will be for readers to enjoy.

I've been thinking about doing another blog in the format of Bitchy Old Queen (BOQ) but hadn't quite figured out in what context or direction to develope a new blog. One that would be of interest for all readers and age groups.

The other day when searching YouTube for video of Soupy Sales to use for an obit at BOQ and after doing the posting, I went back into YouTube and started doing some exploring.

I've used videos off and on from the 60's but never develed in as much as I did this time to see what was there. Let me tell you there is a treasure trove of videos, and with that in mind, I have created "Retro 60s'".

This blog will be a mix of music, TV shows and pop culture using the sights and sounds us boomers grew up with.

But this blog won't be all sunshine and lollipops, it will also harken back the dark periods of the 60's. In fact I have already used in a posting a "news reel" report of the Watts Riots in 1965.

Although the blog won't "officially" begin until November 2, the blog is up and ready to view with postings through November 1. I needed to do this in order to format the layout of the blog and now it also gives folks who stop by an opportunity to see what the blog will be about.

In a way aside from bringing back memories for boomers, good ones and bad, it will be a sort of time capsule to give those who are too young to know and did not experiance the great strife in the United States during the 60's, but which also gave fruit to a generation filled with hope and determination to find better days ahead.

I think few will argue that the decade of the 60's more than any other in recent times, changed the face of America, again for good or bad, but nonetheless change happened.

From the soldiers who bravely fought an unpopular war and were spit on for their service to their country, to the activists of all color, to the hippies who could see nothing but peace and love, it was, for me at least, a decade for the decades.

The video at the top of this posting is the "welcome" video to "Retro 60's" and is the premiere posting along with the Peace image used here.

I hope you'll stop by to have a look, perhaps become a follower or get the blog feed, or become a fan at Facebook or MyBlogLog.

This blog will contain no ads other than the ads which briefly appear on the Widgetbox widgets of other blogs from Artlyn Entertainment.

But rest assured there will be commericals now and then from the 60's.

Peace !


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