Shorter Breitbart:

"I don't fact check at all":

Andrew Breitbart, who published the video clip of Shirley Sherrod's speech that led to her forced resignation, tells TPM he doesn't have the entire video either and that the clip came to him from a source already edited. But he's seen enough: "I think the video speaks for itself. The way she's talking about white people ... is conveying a present tense racism in my opinion. But racism is in the eye of the beholder."

"And you can't make me!"

Who can take anything Breitbart and his gonzo criminal journalists cronies writes or produces seriously when they act on right wing lunacy without even a cursory look at the background sources and the facts? Below the fold is some recent news from Jed Lewison at dKos.

Reinstate Shirley Sherrod

This had better be a trial balloon:

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack this afternoon took responsibility for firing an official, Shirley Sherrod, whose appearance  on video recalling her behavior toward a white farmer drew charges of racism, and whose immediate firing drew suggestions  that the administration had over-reacted to an edited video clip.

A White House official told me just now that the White House backs Vilsack's decision -- but that it was Vilsack's alone. The official said the White House -- contrary to the Sherrod's charge -- did not pressure the Department to fire her.

Unfortunately, Greg Sargent is hearing similar things. Sorry, but simultaneously saying it wasn't our call' and 'we support the decision' just won't cut it. Firing Shirley Sherrod was a bad decision, motivated by the wrong reasons, and it should be reversed. She should be reinstated, and it's not a close call.

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