Site Maintenance

Doing some site maintenance this weekend. Site will at times be unavailable for short periods of time as we update the database. Thank you for your patience. :)



The login box has moved from the top right (just below the menu) to the top of the left column.



Our blogroll has been updated.  If your blog is no longer listed and you want it to be, please leave a note in the comments.  Any blog that resulted in "not found" or that had not been updated in over a year was removed from the list.



 FAQs have been moved off of the main horizontal menu and can now be found under Citizen Journalism Toolbox.

Timelines have been temporarily disabled as we move them into a kewl new format.



On the left, we now have a "Tag Cloud".  How cool is that?  :)



OK ... all done for now.  As always, kudos and/or complaints go in the comments.



WE have added another level to the categorization of content on the site.  Now, when you create a new commentary you will see a dropdown for selecting a "Section".  If you use this feature, then your commentary will show up in the Sections overview accessible through the new menu item on the top menu.  Free tagging is still available and the section tags are not required.


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That's a good thing, albeit one that you did the last time and not as part of the recent updates.

It's also important, too, given one of the upcoming programs...

I did not even notice there was maintenance.

She teaches ninja assassins how to be quiet in her off time, but only if they bring her cookies.