So let me get this straight...

So, let me get this straight - any time a disaster occurs that the Religious Right can possibly use to claim that "God is angry with the nation because of gays / abortion / marriage" etc., they go nuts making those claims.

Remember when Bobby Jindahl mocked spending money on "something called volcano monitoring" (Feb 2009) and Alaska's Mt. Redoubt erupted a short time later (Mar 2009)? Apparently, that didn't seem to be significant or related to the blowhards of the GOP & religious right (reich) either. The significance of Jindahl's blatantly foolish comment & attitude wasn't lost on the rest of the nation.

How about when the GOP sought to gut spending on Tsunami relief & preparedness (Feb 2011) and then Japan's tsunami devastated the nation (Mar 2011). Why was there was nary a peep from the religious right or the GOP punditry about that...? (Although to be fair, the GOP did complain that Democrats were unfairly using the recent disasters to point out flaws in Republican ideology & approach to budget cutting.)

And then there's the time when failed Presidential candidate, Tx. Gov. Rick Perry's "Prayerfest" for rain seemed to result in even more of TX burning, instead of resulting in much-needed rain. They didn't have much to say about that, either.

There seems to be little being said, too, about Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's idiotic comments about police, firefighters & teachers in the wake of the Colorado fires & recent shooting in Aurora. Why doesn't the RR or GOP seem to care about that?*h/t divedeeper

Now, with OK Sen. Inhofe's home state of OK burning due to wildfires & drought, and given Inhofe's status & stature as #1 climate change denialist (*and solution obstructor), we hear...not a peep.

In light of all this, I have a message for you pundits, pinheads, prognosticators & false prophets: You jackasses need to get your heads out of your collective asses and stop trying to use religion to justify your agenda of selfishness, bigotry, lies and destruction - because it looks like a much higher power keeps slapping you down every time you open your mouths.

Whether some view it as one god or many, or fate, or karma, or coincidence - the reality is that the GOP has been on the wrong side of things for a while, and their policies & ideology ("idiotology") are dangerous to the health, safety, security & well-being of our nation.

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I'd completely blanked on the CO fires & Aurora massacre, which - in light of Romney's idiotic remarks about police, firefights & teachers - definitely deserved mention.

TXSharon has a good recap of those events here ...